3rd and 4th Streets

The 3rd street is called « shopping gallery » and its extension, the 4th street, are integral parts of the « Living Machine ». Le Corbusier conceived these functional elements as a sequential part of the public services.

Today, we still have many businesses: a bakery, a hotel, a restaurant, a library, two art shops, … There are also some professional offices: architects, massage therapists, chiropractor, medical offices. These spaces are opened to all residents and visitors.

In the past, there were many more services available: butcher, hairdresser, supermarket

 and other merchants that added to the life of the Housing Unit.

The third street opens onto the “Winter Garden” also known as “ambulatory”. This space gets its charm because it’s open over two levels. The light enters here, controlled by the vertical separation of the concrete sun shields. This beautiful scenery welcomes a break on the concrete bench that is welcoming the visitors.

The 4th street is organized as a balcony overlooking the 3rd street. It’s a space decorated in a brick Moucharaby style and offers a location for many activities. This space is lite by the lights on the 3rd street.